I’m super into succulents

For months now I’ve been building a display of succulents. The only problem I experience is I can’t remember which ones I already have. Four times now I buy one then get home and f, we already had it. I also didn’t notice we had two giant pots of them out front of the garage that were also succulents that were way further along. Then I had two more pots on the patio that I didn’t recognize either. I’m horrible with plants, trees, or knowing what they are. Once I gathered all the various ones we had around I was able to pick out ones better that we’re missing.

I hate the catus/cati ones. I don’t want any of them with needles. My daughter likes them though.

I’d like to buy some that are further along but they’re like $30+. I’m buying ones that are $3-5.

The coolest thing is these shoots come out of them and then flowers come out. They transform.

Give it a try, they’re on Amazon or at Lowes, garden centers, nurseries.

Check out people selling them on Etsy