Personal Life

Since I have these woke nazi aholes on the hunt for me, I’ve been sharing less personal details and more high-level details. That’s the wake of cancel culture. Anyone is an idiot post-2015 for sharing ANY information about themselves via a webpage or social media. It adds nothing to your life and you only have something to lose for people knowing more about you publically. That even works that way for the stars as well. Some of my friends have ZERO online footprint now and that’s honestly the way to go. As I mentioned, they say NOTHING at work. Ever. haha. I’d love to just throw away my smartphone and switch to a classic pre-smartphone that just made calls.

These fuckers: people, government, and corporations are in everyone’s business trying to track or control every bit of our lives and if you cut them out of it and refuse to participate, they have no control over you whatsoever which is what the majority of Americans are doing. haha. Ignore all these fux and just enjoy your life. Go have your massive boat parade. F off.

However, in 2020+ they reached into our lives and shut down the businesses we shopped at or ate at. They raised our gas prices. They raised the prices of everything. They infected our workplaces with woke training. (admit your personal privilege!). They infected our schools with their politics. They f-ed up what is available in the grocery store. They jacked with the price of wood at the hardware store. They fucked up both new and used car prices. They (mostly cryptos) screwed up the graphics card market. They’re inserting their politics into our video games or going back and time and removing things we had already been playing for years. Pre-2020 you could be a clueless idiot and never look at politics or online nonsense and live a happy life, but now that seems really impossible. But we should try.

You CAN just put up with the high prices, complain about it, and hope Jesus does something about it. However, if you look at the bible, you saw that nothing was done to the Romans, so don’t expect much.