Pretty Sick: Iraq / Afghanistan

All that fighting in Iraq / Afghanistan for 20 years for ZERO results whatsoever. Both countries are now worse off. Iraq is even worse off than when we first invaded in 1991. The Taliban is now armed with whatever

In all, the United States left behind more than $7 billion worth of weapons and equipment when it left Afghanistan last year

Only the arms manufacturers and companies were sent to “rebuild.” and whoever ended up with all the cash made out on that. The soldier’s time/lives/lifetime of disabilities/suicides all were for nothing. No one paid for that at all. Everyone got away with it.

Even America is worse off for all that money that could have gone to: the homeless, and poor, roads, bridges, job training, tech upgrading.

But that’s the story of history huh? Global or countrywide corruption and they get away with it.

I’m all for taking over countries but only if you keep them and get something out of them.

If only these people had any Jesus