Pure Pain

If you’re health, enjoy it! It’s more important than anything else. Tell the sick/dead billionaires if they wanted health above their $$.  You’re not old if you’re not complaining about your health. That’s why the cool people die at 27 or earlier.

So far I have:

  • Perm Stomach Pain since 2007. If you touch it, or if the covers are too heavy, it hurts. I think it was caused by trying to move to a 3rd floor apartment up stairs dragging everything with a nerd body. I just live with it.
  • Threw out my back 3 weeks ago, and recovered, then it came back 9000x worse. I was stuck in my chair in my car, and I had to drive back where it hurt every bump or turn. Both times I did it by lifting a 5 gallon bucket of water and trying to pour it (2020/2023)
  • Both Arms, wrists, and hands, some sort of perm pain problem from now on apparently. Hurts to touch them or wrists. I’ve been solving it with compression wrist/arm covers.
  • Migraines are regularly triggered by light, neck turns, random things.

“he was a sickly boy”