The Aquarium World is Destroyed after 2020

Update: Spent $11 on a fish and it died the first day. Thanks for ruining the fish trade.

I have not gone into a fish store in 3 years before 2020. I haven’t needed to.

Yesterday me and my daughter went to the fish store we’ve been going to for 13 years. We were shocked at the prices. The cheapest fish were now $5. Most common fish were 5 for $20. Insane!!! Like your fish tank would be $100 max and now the fish cost more than your fish tank. They had $600 tanks. They had fish that were $599. WTF! The place used to be packed and now it’s just the ultra elite who can afford a fucking fish. The feeder fish were 7 for $1. That was the only thing affordable. The cheap fish were $5 but 5 tetra were $25.

This would be like $500 of fish: haha


I was told the shipping container business killed it. A container used to cost $1k, then now it’s $5k. So that destroys the affordability of fish. During the worst times it was $15k a container for fish.

So I’m like let’s go to Petsmart. Maybe it’s still cheap there. We get there and it’s 3 girls helping on the fish. I notice the fish tanks were the worst condition I’ve seen in 13 years of going there. They had a snail infestation. And how the fuck do you have a snail infestation when you have NO PLANTED TANKS. There was nothing in there that should even have snails on them. Normally you’ll get some plant that is infested and for us that infested our home tank for 13 years with unkillable snails. But at petsmart it’s just clear water tanks. Why would they get invested?

So I look things over and I’ll pick some cheap fish. Five of the tanks had an X on it and a girl goes oh I wouldn’t buy fish from us, there’s some outbreak. LOVELY. WTF. Never seen that either.

So I see a $3 fish I want, I tell one of the girls, can I have one of those? That’s when NORMALLY the worker goes over and starts to get it for you. But this chick oddly started following me around. I’m like uh go get the fish? But instead she started GRILLING us on our tank at home. I said I have a 13-year tank. That’s when any smart worker should go oh, they know what they’re doing. Not this girl. My son says, you have to realize the majority of people only have a 90 IQ. You’re dealing with morons. Finally, I get her to just fucking get the fish I wanted. Well she puts (2) dead ones in the bag!!! WTF. Never in my life has that happened. She was too dumb to realize the fish were dead!

I get to the register and guess who I get? A blue haired girl with face piercings. I said can you NOT charge me for the dead ones? Thanks. I mean never have I got to the front with dead fish. Then on top of everything else, there’s (3) workers and they’re too lazy to go pull all the dead fish out. All it would take would be ONE of them to do that job. Then get all the dumb snails out.

Bunch of fuckups. That’s workers in 2023. But then now besides that, aquariums are ruined.