The Year is 2022!

It’s the future, yet again. What do we get? Uh there’s some companies that are testing drones that deliver things.  There’s dopy drones that get stuck and thank you for helping them. Better than murder drones I suppose.

We have a ShitTon of Teslas on the road now, especially in Southern California.  Do you ever see those future movies where everyone is in the white future car? That’s what it’s like around here. I was just driving down the 405, and counted up to 50 Teslas just go by in the carpool lane. I started a new pretend GPS game where I just count how many Teslas I see per trip. You can’t really play that vs. someone because it depends on how far you go and how long you drive.

What’s funny about them is watching them all in giant gas crisis lines to use the charging stations. They have to give up 3 hours of time just to charge their Teslas + are doing it off bad energy such as coal/diesel. Then the batteries come from high “suspect” areas. But hey remember back when we were stuck with the Honda Insite as an electric car. At least the Teslas are the fastest things ever but the drivers are SO bad.

I also like how you can somewhat mess with the Tesla’s ai (AFAIK) forcing it to space out or stop to not hit you.

2000 Honda Insight



Things that were supposed to be the future

  • Remember how the Segaway was going to be the future?
  • Remember all those Hoverboards that people caught on fire or had accidents.
  • I see all these rich people on the $1500 electric bikes. Insane. I guess if it’s a car replacement.
  • They got those water jet things that are too expensive to rent.
  • Drones were fun for a while but they’re so pointless. They’re great when making youtube/professional videos or for certain events (flood damage, fires, etc).
  • They got all sorts of future toys that no one can afford.
  • Remember Google Glass? They actually are selling Bluetooth sound sunglasses now but the sound is supposed to be pretty bad in them + they’re BULKY.
  • Some people love them but I really hate Apple Airpods. I really bet they (and any in-ear speakers) cause hearing damage.
  • It’s a bit late but maybe Tik Tok is the future. The content is so funny and good as it learns your filtering. And it DID have classic no censoring internet, back when the internet was good. I can sit on there for HOURS (up to 4+) just scrolling and laughing myself to death. It’s really the most uplifting content. What’s sad is it takes China to go to for the REAL uncensored internet. The American internet is so censored you never see any good or fun content. But ironically you can’t see that content IN China. haha. Tik Tok keeps censoring random good stuff but then doesn’t censor things they should IMO like underage children stuff.  The more uncensored things get, the nastier they become as witnessed in the rawest areas of the internet (or classic Reddit before it was compromised). But there has to be a balance and non-political slant to moderation.
  • Phones/Apps just get more invasive every year. It’s almost worth going back to the classic Telephone. I found once I stopped playing dumb GPS games I didn’t even care about my phone anymore. I can just sit it down and not even care.
  • I love that people are losing interested in Alexa,  etc. People were so dumb to just let that spyware device into their lives. I mean there are some good uses/tricks with it if it wasn’t literally recording and reporting all your lives to corporations/government. My kid got one and they’re like, can you sell it for me. haha.
  • They’re still trying to add internet/Bluetooth to every stupid device too. Things you wouldn’t even believe.
    • They now have apps for TOOTHBRUSHES with statistics and results. What a waste of time
    • My doorklock has an app
    • I got a $200 shaver with an app. haha. I mean what time do you have in your life where you’re reviewing how well you shave.

Why the f**k does my fridge need Twitter? - Adam Townsend

However, some of my favorite app/bluetooth things have been:

  • my sprinkler system
  • my heat/air. I love just opening up my app to turn it up/down
  • door / mixed. The dumb thing opens when I’m inside for no reason but sometimes it works properly when coming open and opens for me. $350 doorlock. (didn’t pay that).
  • Car. But man our SUV’s Bluetooth is such a piece of shit. It keeps asking for OK/upload contacts. I had to drive home the whole way the other day for hours because it wouldn’t connect to my phone. It doesn’t let you do things when it’s moving. All this bs. My other car that I used some $20 device worked great though.


  • Everyone’s still stuck with Facebook but at least lots of people have chosen to delete their Facebook profile. It’s just a scam to get likes and people that are your friends aren’t REALLY your friends in most cases.  You haven’t been able to post any real discussions or content in years, it’s like having a professional Church conversation on there. However it still is one of the best places for mass updates with photos or sharing cute safe content.

Then instead of the dream future, we basically get the Mad Max/dystopian future instead. That’s what the Bible says will happen anyway though, that AT the end of the world, things will get worse and worse until the final end. We just never know when that point is, but it certainly seems like now doesn’t it? So many Christians think these are the end times but who knows.