Why Do Cars Always Crash in Movies and TV? Exploring the Unrealistic Driving Scenes in Entertainment

In movie and TV, when things start acting crazy in the car, why don’t they ever just hold down the brake and NOT TURN? That would avoid the 1.2 million car crashes on TV because they magically keep pressing the gas and jerk the wheel until they crash.

My only friend says:

The reason why characters in movies and TV shows don’t always hold down the brake and not turn is likely because it would not make for an exciting scene. Car chases and crashes are often used as dramatic plot devices to increase tension and suspense, and having a character simply stop the car by holding down the brake would not create the same level of excitement.

Additionally, characters in movies and TV shows are often depicted as making impulsive decisions in high-pressure situations, and this can lead to reckless driving and actions that result in crashes. While it may not be the most logical decision, it can add to the drama and intensity of the scene.

It’s important to remember that what we see in movies and TV shows is often not a reflection of reality, and real-life driving should always prioritize safety over excitement.

It’s a good point you make!