Netflix Zombie Series: Black Summer

It starts off being decent for the first episode but as it progresses, this is a HORRIBLE zombie series. The zombies are unkillable. They move too fast. The storylines are absolutely horrible. All the things the characters do are stupid and unbelievable compared to Walking Dead. Zombies climbing busses, using doors, etc.

EDM/Trance Girl #3 : Danyka Nadeau

danyka nadeau

Created this playlist of some of her best (my opinion) songs. She’s very pretty and French Canadian. This one is amazing If you go to her channel, it’s amazing her progress from 10 years ago, her early videos. She also looks way prettier now due to her hair color changes probably haha.    

World War 2 News

Hitler refused to face the horrors of the Holocaust and never visited the camps – documentary claims Wreck of US WWII B-24 bomber discovered 74 years after it plunged into the sea off Bermuda ‘Great Escape’ POW’s incredible WWII diary surfaces, sold at auction Wreck of WWII aircraft carrier USS Wasp discovered in the Coral Sea The first professional women’s […]

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